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Jeaniecures is a web-based beauty provider helping you bring out the beauty within. At Jeaniecures, we believe in celebrating and embracing individuality while offering you a large variety of quality products. Check out our individually customized hand painted products & supplies to fit your everyday lifestyle. 


My Story

I started this vision of owning a nail salon and providing manicure services. I enrolled in beauty school to become a licensed manicurist and found that beauty school wasn't allowing me to fully express myself as an artist. I realized not everyone has time or can wear nails due to work so I created a form of wearable art with JEANIECURES that others can appreciate. 

Now I am able to share my passion for art and beauty whether you're a medical worker, on the go, or just flat out busy. JEANIECURES can give you that instant manicure look without the salon wait time and or prices. Allow my passion to not only make you look beautiful, but feel that way as well.

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