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Q. How long do press on nails last? 

A. If taken cared of correctly, they can remain on for 2-3 weeks! If the nail pops off, simply glue back on.

Q. How do you remove the nails? 

A. Soak in soapy warm water for 10-15 mins. You can use the cuticle pusher to pop off sides (example shown on instagram)

Q. Do press on nails damage your natural nails? 

A. Like any artificial nail product it may cause damage to your natural nail bed if used for a prolong period of time. Jeaniecures press on are for temporary use and if compared to acrylics and or gel polish, Jeaniecures press ons are considered to be less invasive. DO NOT PULL/RIP OFF NAIL.

Q. What’s the turnaround time for custom nails? 

A. If you are local (San Marcos, San Diego area) 1-2 business days for pick up, if not 3-5 business days. (Shipping time frame not included)

Q. How do I measure my nails for custom press on? 

A. Please see "How to" tab or you may select from the general preset sizes available

Q. How do I order custom press on nails?

A. See "Place Order/Quote" tab. We will get back with a quote of cost. 

Q. What does the press on kit come with? 

A. Nails, glue, adhesive, filer, cuticle pusher and instructions.

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